Come one, come all! 

Founded and headed by Wirespeak, in Raleigh, North Carolina, E.U.S., Identitarianism (idEnt for short) has been a growing force since 2006.   

Its combination of self-denial and altruism is unique unlike any political, economical, or social system.  Now this ^very^ site has just got its feet off the ground; our presence at Myspace (despite no longer being a social behemoth) became well-built.  
The Myspace content (now hosted at Webs) contains over 15,000 words on Identitarian thoughts on subjects like work and leisure to political partisanship and the rise of China and India.

% For the immediate being, the *essential* material for Identitarians, of whatever stripe, is provided on this site.  You can read alllll the Myspace Publication that you can, but the end Catechism is above all.

See the "What is idEnt" page for allllll the hot stuff.

Now, the most is at identitarianism.webs.com.   But check back here as the construction of this page continues.


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ELECTION 2020 past? à Easy to vote the Identitarian ticket!!

          The previous go-round ... Musings on if there’s a difference between Biden-Harris and Trump-Pence:

Nothing really. Whoever wins, we’ll be stuck with the same economy, same divisions. How about a party-free country?

At least for me, as an Identitarian, political thoughts + ideology are NOT integral to my life.  Politics are KLA forces.

We should have talented individuals to ^rise above^ the masses + make political decisions. Really, big parties don't work.  Replace ALL parties with meritocrats.

To start, voting should be a privilege, not a right … to those who work hard for the E.U.S.!  Vote for federal elections like the Academy does for the Oscars.

Just make sure all the partisan, stupid Ameurocans aren't involved in this election! E.g. one group labeled Paul Ryan as a "WMD."  Or Obama is a pro-Ayers terrorist.  Gosh.

                                                                                                                    Contact the webmaster of this site: wirespeak@yahoo.com.  

For each message, please indicate your location and how you found out about this site.   Extra stuff like your favorite movie or occupation would ~also~ make the world go round.  Peace!




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