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Treatise on not strictly *me* the Identitarian--it's on ALL OF US, the DCSers!

To the Winner Goes the Broils: Democratic Capitalist Society Confronts a New Decade

The anguish of 2020s is taking Americans into “uncharted territory” and unnerving uncertainty. Democratic capitalist society (DCS) —which, in an “end of history”, globalized world, pulls in just about everyone—is forcing its subjects in a march of adaptation. The engulfing COVID-19 pandemic, the upheaval of the George Floyd killing, adds to other vexing issues of third millennium: climate change, refugee crises and the dislocations of automation. Age-old belief manifested today as religion and politics, in the following commentary by a private citizen, both enables and hinders DCSers who seek an appealing “new normal” in a world of ever-more newness.

Think Globally, Act Contagiously
As much as people strive to remedy the current crises, these efforts are limited in affecting true root-and-branch change. Years ago, the entrenched American Dream was present at Pearl Harbor in 1941 and Lehman Brothers in 2008. The ensconced motions that those in DCS went through at the pandemic’s spring onset—going to work and staging campaign rallies--became disrupted. Eventually, these processes re-asserted themselves.
Disease, compared to prior epidemics, isn’t getting that deadly. It's just that there's more in the way for these plagues to affect. Today, there are larger crowds of people gathered at workplaces, stores, schools that previous pandemics missed. This population density argument, unique to the 21st century, is in same vein of hurricanes not intensifying; merely more DCSers moved to the coast. So coronavirus is yet another outcome of the millennium’s masses at work: people in Washington have to keep an eye on those in Wuhan … and quite a bit elsewhere. Whether it is climate change by private polluters, artificial intelligence abused in order to make unfortunate humans subordinate to machines, world events like COVID-19 is change directed from the bottom up. Not the flipping of a switch from top down, as a Franklin Roosevelt or a Ronald Reagan would have done generations ago. How will this human nature wind blow in the future?

Turmoil in Race Relations (Once Again)
The tragedy of George Floyd, on display in a world intertwined by social media, gives the publicized message to African Americans that “I could be the next George Floyd.” “My government, the forces that supposed ‘to serve and protect’ me, could in fact kill me.” What could stand in the way for attaining righteousness for Black Lives Matter? An ever-polarized atmosphere. To encourage conversation and education about race, to pass federal police brutality reform bills, take even more effort than ever to win over the established, entrenched opposition.
Certain individuals are convinced otherwise—they believe in a cause, and to defend that stance, they ultimately become rigid. To deal with racism, anything involving rigidity and belief, takes handling things by case, person by person. It’s self-awareness: something that the premodern European colonists who introduced slavery in the first place lacked. Addressing this discrimination takes individualism more than collectivism. Regardless of how the current discussion of systematic racism turns out, there is now the dilemma of subtle racism ... rather than overt prejudice. One widespread example of slightness within DCS: entertainers Michael Richards or Rosanne Barr making a gaffe and then try to apologize. Another instance of less blatant discrimination would be bigots more likely concealing themselves under a "White Heritage Party" than in running for office as the "Racist Party of America."
Still, whether slight or obvious, divides exist. To pick a pair of forces that seem to unjustly divide humanity, race and religion are among the top. Staging an opposition to this opinion is hard, as people aren’t free to choose their ethnicity or basically were unable in childhood to oppose being raised in the faith of their parents. Was the colorblind, purple state advent of Barack Obama supposed to buck this trend? Yet when faced with the onslaught of globalizing newness, race and religion end up being the old, lifelong refuges DCSers fall back on. As things like race and religion change, the more they stay the same. What’s also more the same is the global postmodernism and the fragmentation that comes with it. For instance, generations ago, people were across the board moderately religious. Now, change has wedged DCS to be more observant … and, elsewhere, more atheistic. Republicans tending in the former, Democrats looks to be the latter.

Interconnect the Dots
Some forces seek to pursue an alternate to global problems. Yet the worldwide populism from Trump to Putin to Bolsonaro still operates in the framework of DCS. These politicians act as opportunists who were once more firmly center-left/center-right— the one-time Europhile, Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán is a case in this. Such once-fringe demagoguery is more possible due to the decay of 21st century DCS, and this decline in a political unity is ripe to take advantage of.
Politicians, wherever they may be on the spectrum, haven’t come to the full terms that divisions are interconnected. Outsiders hate the establishment, but these populists need it to galvanize and mobilize their supporters. On the other hand, establishment bastions like the Washington Post do not adhere to “Make America Great Again”, but could do well covering the hoopla to increase print subscription in today’s digital era.
Other efforts may come short of erasing the partisan raucous. The Republicans had a chance in 2016 to put country over party and cast their votes for the opposite Democratic Party. However, that would mean risk giving up power; subsequently as of June 4th, 2020, Republican support for Donald Trump is at 85%. Those who follow current events have no over-arching institution they can belong to … that can truly transcend electoral politics and its power-pursuing.

And You
It’s not the leaders--capitalist participants all over may not be able to keep up with capitalist expectations. Globally-set expectations launched by ceaseless change in prices, profits, technology and consumer tastes. So in turn, DCS likewise necessitates ceaseless adjustment for all its humans. This is not merely capitalist adaptation for the Secretary of Treasury or the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It’s adaptation for everyone— in work and play as well as mind and matter. For many workers tired by all this adjusting, the weekend continues to be of value. In the meantime, as historian Yuval Noah Harari stated, “there is no serious alternative to the liberal package of liberalism, human rights, democracy, and a free market.’’
No serious alternative to the situation that involves so much fear in politics, so little love. Good economies can only do so much to help politicians who are presiding over disillusioned and disengaged DCS workers. Even historically low unemployment figure doesn’t assuage workers that their jobs would not be eventually taken away by automation. The stock market has never been higher, but that won’t narrow the gap in the salary between a chief executive and a rank-and-file consultant. Rather than the good, only a bad economy really could determine the fate of a politician. The media of one’s political choice can spin progress. But a recession—a global Great Lockdown--is undeniable to the most fearful.
Much of today’s problems can be traced to what separates the premodern from the postmodern: the division of labor. “The customer is always right”, as the saying goes. As a result of this, though, DCSers are so specific in what they want; in turn, production has to meet such narrow consumer needs. Therefore, everything in life has to be specialized to match one producer to a consumer. This is true as well for politics, yet specialization struggles in matching one citizen to one politician. That is why for the left, going anti-Trump is more galvanizing than being pro-Democrat; African-Americans in the critical South Carolina Democratic primary felt they had more to lose with Bernie Sanders as an opponent to Donald Trump than Joe Biden. Generations ago, philosopher Eric Hoffer took a similar note, observing that mass movements can do without a god, but always need their devil. A devil, emblematic of DCS pressuring pluralisms, necessitating protection for one’s fragile beliefs—one’s loves.

It is said for political problems, including for the ones mentioned in this treatise, voting is the best solution. But elections can only do what they’re designed to do: please the majority. As what happens for at least the other 49% can be outside its realm can be disregarded as much as desired.
Lacking in DCS is thinking that takes 100% of the human race into consideration, rather than 51% of it. Criticism may be raised towards such an ideology that strives for total, 100% reach. But the “100%” alternative to democracy is to be open all of humanity, all of the political process. Not, right off the bat, label a negative thing as “fake news.” Instead, look closer and confront those problems. Out of many partisan divisions, the result for that one individual is a 2020s conviction that “what didn’t kill me actually made me stronger.”

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+ Luck won't intervene when you're in a couch potato situation.
To get fate to validate itself, get provoked + confronted. Then you see destiny becoming manifested, prayers actually answered.

"There's a difference between knowing the path ... and walking the path." – Morpheus

+ “The Soviets could never grasp and hold their enemy. It remained that way in Afghanistan long after they had gone.” -- “Ghost Wars”

God complex-driven adversaries *everywhere* just won't give up.
For them, love wins out. They can lose a firefight, but not be "held."

…Ultimately, the liberating victory is one that is about less
c a r i n g … than more fighting.
Try to let the ambush + missile strike, pass w/ indifference.

7 billion people at each other ^seeking to right injustice^ in global selfishness...just fiddle while Rome burns.

+ Said of homo credus, the natural capacity for humans to believe.
Being convinced of a belief goes far when driven by hope. Belief/hope --> Leads to Oct 26 defiance.

Defiance is POTENT as it gives people confidence *to challenge* things once assumed to be beyond their control!

Two points on hope:

1) As darkly looming as it is, the Matrix material world is your best bet for finding hope.
It derives from confronting your fear, not concocting such optimism f/ the sidelines.

2) Watch out for acting on false hope; it can deceive you and thus backfire.

+ http://identitarian.com has WMPC/1455.
“World’s Most Powerful Country”. And 1455, yr that gave not a cont., but a civilization its edge: Gutenberg’s printing press, spread info.

Info. leads to knowledge for BOTH populace + person!
Have bad knowledge? Counter w/ good knowledge!

+ Identitarianism, at one point in time, could be out of my life.
Given how this all-consuming monolith of an ideology drains, there's ~some sense~ to that concept.
But as I plunged into the unknown for transatlantic trip, such end IS at distant shore of the ocean's other side.

An explorer has to be preoccupied with steering his crew on the right course, right NOW.
Chinese silk traders on the other side …or really Cuban Arawaks? idEnt at the destination…or something else?
“I didn’t mean to scare you, I just think you’re interesting.” –Ricky Fitts

+ You can—in behavior--treat people like the way you want to be treated … but it’s another thing to *perceive* people as such.

The "perception" of the moment becomes right … when you, analogy-wise, sell that stock before the price goes down!

+ But I'm not the only one following the voice of destiny.
EVERYONE has its perspective "process", going in their own mythical direction.
Where directions meet ... is where groups form.

Yet have to disperse, or end up dependent--NATO then can take out everyone w/ one strike. https://t.co/n7eN5VceHL

+ Problems are so deep-seated + they manifest, as deciphered by #RickyFitts, in moments where you can’t tell friend from foe … that the experience is valued.

Such an ongoing process—listening to the voice of destiny —is yours, regardless of win/loss.
“When the fight was over, nothing was solved. But nothing mattered. Afterwards, we all felt saved.” – The Narrator


+ Rather to try + come short of changing a bad belief ... it’s better instead to counter that setback by pushing for a *better* belief.

+ A DCSer following politics may be more about fulfilling god complex-driven belief … than actually improving a standard of living.

If it was REALLY about kitchen table issues like lower taxes + better social services, then local gov. would be garnering impact + attention.

But no, thanks to technology of mass media, an ordinary DCSer connecting to politicians gives the impression that he is =touch= with the nation, the globe.

+ Forecasts for TPS Reports? Expect them to ^go through the roof^, with DCS continuing to bureaucratize itself to meet a myriad of elaborate, tech-driven consumer needs.
Consumer DESIRES.

Simpler before Industrial Revolution, when it boiled more to just keeping fed or not.

+ Yes, when it comes to making it fair in group decisions, majority rules. But opportunists can still twist a majority to illicit ends.

+ The better life is, you'd the more you’d guess to be lucky--blessed with a place in history destiny.
But history + destiny can't be linked w/o present decisions. Then the security I’ve talked about, if not always won on a day-by-day basis, can be sustained for the long run.

The long run is a gift--the god complex is weak at it, thus a check on its power.
GC can find all ways to be provoked, but it can't find all successful ways to predict the future.
And being set for the days to come is a mission statement for a grinding war of KLA attrition.

+ If put to a test by a DCSer, WATCH OUT when he finds a fit/niche.
Productivity can come less from salary, stress, even in being passionate ... and more on doing what's natural.
No fit, diligence can be in vain. And not be in happiness.
Survival of the fittest, not the superior.

+ In idEnt edu., knowledge needs purpose. More than objectivity.
2+2 objectively will always be 4, but at least in the social sciences, use all knowledge--and all experience gained from work and leisure--to impress.

Impressing classmates should replace impressing a Scantron.

+ To a good degree, solutions to problems is not so be more moderate ... or be more strict, but be more open-minded to opportunities bouncing your way.
These breaks are not a collective thing. With that, opportunities are not universally defined.

Yes, "heed opportunities. They present themselves in all sorts of ways." --wikiHow
But don't be deceived that, w/ opportunities, you're the only 1 who gets to thrive.
"Both inmates and guards prey on weakness. Don't give them the opportunity to do so." -- wikiHow #InmateLife

+ At death, everyone faces their own Armageddon. And no perishing is painless.
That’s a certainty, unlike the BIG uncertainty over what happens with to us, win or lose, after that final battle.

+ As in urban warfare, =bad memory lurks from any direction= during an important task. Even when ^the good job feels concluded^.

"Attackers discovered that ^reducing masonry buildings to rubble^ ... effectively creates =even better fortresses and outposts for enemy snipers=." - AP

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