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c a t e c h i s m

Take the red pill --> When you think of ^the things you like and buy^, imagine that the world is Belgrade-ruled =Kosovo= ((before Iraq, do you remember the NATO bombing from spring 1999?)) . . . 

. . . and your likes/consumer goods are the Serbs ((who are 10% of the region + are swamped by the Albanians, who make up 90% of Kosovo --> this is important to know! and do not worry about the economy, climate, etc of Kosovo!  just the warfare!)).  

The Albanians represent the ~rest~ of consumerism, the world, your thoughts, behavior, and basically your whole blue pill existence . . .  

() () ()         Which leads to combat: how human conflicts are resolved:

The Albanians’ goal for ending this Serbian domination is pursued by 1) the KLA guerrillasThe KLA is the non-Serbian stimuli that comes in >contact< with your senses.  It’s the psychological stress that =ruminates and anticipates=.

à Take a post-breakup: In a normal phase of mood browsing through a social media feed … and suddenly a reminder in the form of an old photo makes you =dwell= on a bad memory of your ex.

Even after recovering, the next time of approaching that same timeline sparks a =scenario= of unease.These are the KLA insurgents, using stealth and mobility to launch =surprise= strikes. The KLA is where overwhelming emotional risk and danger lurk.  It launches itself from the 90% of your existence, with the line between civilian and fighter blurred … and finds new ways to escape justice, as mobile guerrillas do.

So uon the first perception of rebel activity, try using a mental KLA “thermometer”.  How much of a hair-trigger reaction is this strainful situation provoking?  To what degree do you feel you are walking on eggshells?

Then the response: using FACTS to counter fear.  As Wirespeak wrote about “Self-discovery: the best way for Identitarians to rule themselves”, understand life + existence to shed insight on stress.  The moment of being aware of a KLA presence, stand on two feet and employ these findings.

Now at your disposal in the counterinsurgency effort is the:

A] Serbian Police

Hallmarks of this MUP forces involves active, primal emotion.  *Hard* action.

Specifically, the police are involved in assaulting the most sensitive anticipatory + ruminating KLA episodes.  From engaging in firefights … to targeting rebel strongholds.Not surpressingly deny this stress, but pinpointing that inability to let go of a problem + envision a mental image of the Serbian security forces firing at this immature sentiment.


It’s allllllll like a third person shooter video game  –in your head--.



The result is a temporary (not permanent, like of denialism) clearing of mental space needed to insert E.U.S. (see below) and related, engaging activity that can help you to move forward.

B] Yugoslav Army

This VJ is marked by passive, humane sentiment.   ^Soft^ action.

Humor/lightening up, thinking about small thing, the Dudeist way of taking it easy and self-forgiveness … is the flavor of the Army in play. No mental image used, no video game played for these mild mannered, professional soldiers: They are more independent from civilian leaders … as opposed to the hardened loyalist cops.


Likewise, 2) NATO opposes minority rule in Kosovo.

Unlike the KLA ruminating from the past/anticipating for the future, NATO airstrikes are TRAUMA experienced in REAL TIME.

à Going back to the example of being dumped: You get an actual text from your former partner, a confrontational one.  To cope in the heat of the moment, you feel what you need to feel. 

And relating it to another mental image: Rather than the firing by policemen + soldiers on the *offensive*, this time it’s falling bombs + missiles on putting them on the --defensive--.

It’s defensive, because in such raw, fresh pain, you have no control over your ex invading peace of mind, just as Serbia is powerless to shoot to all these attacking planes out of the sky.  Instead, be like the Serbs hiding their personnel + equipment, until the turmoil-oriented bomber jets return to their bases.

Suffering may be solely NATO. Compound that to a ^degree^ of deception + unfairness, and that ^degree^ is where guerrillas worldwide are at home.

On one hand, battle the asymmetric warfare of the KLA … and on the other, using asymmetric tactics to foil NATO. Endure the air raids, process your feeling, and what didn’t kill you will in fact makes you stronger.


> Question: So if you have so few things to pay for, then why work very hard?

Answer: When you think of ~work and education~, think of your labor contributing to the E.U.S. fighting World War V ((the societies of the U.S. + rest of Western Civ.  VS China + India + Brazil + Russia + South Africa, and the rest of planet Earth))

This E.U.S. ((European Union/United States)) incentive, it’s like Confucianism or the Protestant work ethic . . . 

Cutting into the West’s lead --> E.U.S. vs. BRICS is to see which civilization is *better*, through political, economic, military, and cultural indicators . . . 

() () ()       That’s a macro way of looking at Ameuroca.   But here’s the micro way:

Stuck in the mud at work + problems w/ people? Forced to move on, but how?     

Soft move forward = Try to spark ~in whatever way possible~ curiosity, interest within the  problem. #RickyFitts ((From an Identitarian movie of 1999, featured at the page’s bottom))

HARD move forward =

1) Turn this problem over to the higher power of E.U.S.  You’re powerless in the moment, so who better to let go and let the superpower?

2) Like the WWJD saying, what can action can you do *right now* to do to make the E.U.S. stronger?   Big or small, helping the economy or helping your fellow man … it puts thought into action.

3) Think globally, act _______. For Wirespeak, insert “athletically”. But see my example at “On the Issues” so the Ameurocan idea can come ALIVE—in your own unique way.


Now, if the 1st red pill part is about the “self” + one’s mind than this Ameurocan incentive deals with “others” and *altruistic* behavior in the outside world.   So with the E.U.S., bring out the beauty in others--look closer.



If you understand Kosovo, then who are the Serbs?   For me, it’s clear-cut.   The culture popular in 1999—rap-rock, teen pop (or, as I call it, Pop Music Entertainment), and pro wrestling are the *good* 10% of my life.

Whatever Serbs Identitarians want is totally up to them. 

And you?

         At the beginning _ Red pill = refers to “The Matrix" _  Apr. 1999
In the middle _ "Fight Club"  _ Oct. 1999
At the end _ look closer = tagline of “American Beauty”  _ Sept. 1999
And throughout in influence, the Triptych of Marilyn Manson _ 1996-2000

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       Disclaimer/Plea for common sense 2) Yes, there is fierce imagery in the imagination of an Identitarian.  I, Wirespeak, have such problematic thoughts but I ~never~ advocate or urge people to do problematic things.  All of us, respect the norms and dignity of others!  

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