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+ Democratic Capitalist Society's pluralism yields alienation + atomization. So Identitarians carve out of such DCS, their own way to belong.

+ ...DCS: Less on tax cuts + privatizing pension plans from above. . .and more w/ the profit motive, individualism, consumerism, from below.


+ Something make you angry? Joyful? Full of fear?
If it's a DEEP feeling, then it can make up your "God complex".
No matter the time/place in 100,000 yrs of humans, there’s religion.

+ The God complex in one's personality--the deep rooted part fueled by love + difficult to change--can be monolithic. Forced into a conflict, that aspect can be quite formidable.

+ The omniscient, infallible, and omnipotent part of one's personality = One God complex

+ It's now clear: For the Narrator, Tyler *is* his god complex. Brad Pitt’s character represents the desires + expectations of that of Edward Norton’s.
Tyler represents “all the ways Jack wishes he could be”— creativity, powerful, captivating. “Great in bed” + love, as Marla praised.

But the Narrator has to win back his “you” made "meaningless by" Tyler.
And I have been saying about existence in emblems, in the words of GradeSaver, “he shoots himself through the cheek to symbolically kill Tyler.”

Overcome your Tyler in Kosovo … one symbol at a time.

+ God complex-wise, you could say there are 8 billion gods walking the Earth, and we all have to coexist somehow.
Have to figure out this global selfishness.

+ Don't think the "god complex" strictly IS The One, Almighty God. It's not stepping in the shoes of someone with supernatural aspects like a Jesus or a Muhammad.
Rather, religious founders—without naming names—took what's in the “god complex” of typical humans in designing their own deities.

Qualities like a desire for love and power. These architects projected the most godlike aspects in an ordinary human … to be in their God.

+ God complex? It's synonymous to self-image.

self-image - one's own idea of oneself (Collins' dic.)
idea ... BELIEF.

At a minimum, it's believing in Pepsi over Coke.
At a maximum, it’s believing in fanaticism.


+ Counterinsurgency is not just against KLA guerrillas; it's also, in the mind, vs.lawlessness. seeing the universe as a “Mad Max” movie made to life may put a kewl spin to hardships.
But now is to hedge against a barren post-apocalypse plot + sustain institutions of stability.

Institutions that, when populists prescribe nationalism for DCS illnesses, can nationalize life within ONE human being.
In other words, why worry about governing nation-states when you, right off the bat, can govern yourself?

+ "Leaving me alone to die is worse than having the guts to kill me." Marilyn Manson, 15. But to change being alone to shake hands with DCS.
INHERENTLY the DCS melting pot emphasis is on different things + different likes when in idEnt is more about one and the same.

A member of an ever-changing DCS may successfully import idEnt. But as such trade develops, idEnt will be dissolved into that melting pot.
Harder for the "old" Identitarian to rely on the "new”, potentially wayward Identitarian. Said in Sec. 1,2,5 http://identitarianism.webs.com

Paramount for one Identitarian is to go national, carve out the one Identitarian State, primarily for his one soul.
This is not done without a cost. It's up for each believer to make Identitarianism--their Identitarianism--safe in a world of diversity.

+ To be yourself is to be incomplete ... and being "incomplete" happens to be the Identitarian proto-state.
Proto-state defined as: "a political entity ~that does not represent a fully~ instituted autonomous sovereign state."

+ Problem is one’s view of the world …and identity. How expansive it is, as an omnipotent god complex can’t shrink in the face of criticism.
For over a year, I’ve spoke of a proto-state, but NOT A STATE.
As the fantasy in a human being is not the steadiness of a thing sovereign.

So try a state within a state: Surrounding you is whatever/whoever protects you. In other words, it’s a home, even if it’s short-term or involuntary of your protectors.
Identity, in a process, is hard to change. But staying put in this deep state model, is the safe way to go.

+ A proto-state, questing for recognition f/ peers, may be instead labeled a pariah state.
“I am sick + tired of being treated like I don’t exist.” -- Lester Burnham, to Carolyn

Yet DCS is diverse not just in people, but in shelters. A place to shelter your state ...and vision.

+ Individual decision making, as said on Apr 9, is critical to prevent the spread of unjust global selfishness.
But some decisions can't be made by one person alone.

This is where, in your proto-state within a state, your protectors may come in.
Let go and let them decide.

+ Protectors of your proto-state help put a roof over your head, food on the table.


+ …And DCS has the *superiority* to psychologically imprison you.
As you can’t break out of life and thus escape death, you’re powerless to break out of this spiritual penitentiary.

But powerlessness means acceptance … and acceptance means serenity.
Not to be forgotten is, after fending off other challenges by symbolic inmates/guards, one becoming mentally tougher.

+ Breaks can come your way. But if this change starts as a promise, it's up to you to make it STAY that way.
Nothing, even in the moment, is what it seems in #InmateLife. Being aware of #InmateLife limits to the joys of human experience, you can spot a wolf in sheep's clothing.

+ #InmateLife isn't punishment + self-denial.

It’s about setting boundaries for desire, boundaries that can save desire from itself:
“Within Christianity, desire is seen as something that can either lead one towards God or away from him.” – Wikipedia

+ #InmateLife is not too far off from the #SerenityPrayer.
Stream you’re watching buffers, your boss scolds you ... these are experiences that involve a ^temporary deprival of liberty^.

And where better to learn how to adapt to ^a loss of freedom^ than prisoners?


“… has heeded a cardinal rule from Marshal Tito's book on partisan warfare to hang on in the face of an overwhelming foe: Never meet the opponent on his own terms."
– Wall Street Journal

+ Find in these forms of asymmetrical warfare: 1) the Serbs feeling irregular KLA hit-and-run attacks 2) the disadvantaged Serbs evading NATO airstrikes.

+ Being unconventional makes the American dream work. Cited before: "People are not equal in ability".
So not equal in getting breaks from such pursuits of life, liberty + happiness.

In an asymmetric war of deception all about, be more clever in digging for opportunities.

+ In #AsymmetricalConflict, things can change:
* Deceiving the opponent
* Seizing on opportunities
* Adjusting your environment to conceal your trickery before others
* Thinking twice before opting for a frontal assault on an overwhelming power

Just being resourceful.

+ #AsymmetricalConflict is not judged ultimately by victory.
It’s judged rather by survival.

As long as technology is DCS-oriented to meet ordinary consumers, the playing field gets leveled.
It is up to that consumer, that participant in such conflict to be MOTIVATED to carry on!

+ On suffering: When the good is taken away, when your ENTITLEMENT such as rights + love are cut short, 1) #InmateLife is a starting point.
In hardships--"sentences"--of whatever length. Being stuck in traffic is included! "Improvise" step is making lemonade with lemons.

Then move to 2) "adapt", #AsymmetricalConflict: turn the tables on pain, make it vulnerable.
To play by your rules is a ^realization^.

"^Emboldened by the discovery^ that they aren't alone, they take to the streets" - anti Ceausescu protestors, 1989.

As for 3) "overcome"?


+ Focused on how Congress is doing its #spendingbill?
Focus on how you and I ^spend^ first. Each dime gets its way into the E.U.S. economy.

+ @mebzter You don't need to hear from Johnson or Stein.
It's ordinary people like "you" who create jobs, not a SINGLE politician.

+ @SandraLilley Are taxes the end-all be-all? Did boom periods in the 1920s, 50s, 80s, and 90s come from cuts in capital gains, estate taxes?


+ @1MJ Autodidacts have a spiritual streak. Cause the desire to learn more is =altruistic=, not a paycheck or a high GPA of personal glory.


+ While I was kinda out--I did not speak on #Ferguson. Too much individualism makes us look out for ourselves--not everyone else in society.

+ We are all workers on the same E.U.S. team.
All races are included.
Unfortunately, more harmony is needed to have ~the fear disappear~.

+ To deal with immigration is to deal with people who are >different<.
But as each individual is >different<, it's still DCS that shapes that individual as a statistic of one "race/ethnic group."
Yes, where else would social constructs come from but DCS?

And it’s those ethnic categorizations that play into the hands of the ambitious--in search of simplistic solutions to complex problems--who use those social constructs to instill fear + control.

To those into this type of politics: Join the >difference< bandwagon. Let go of activism to make humans to be a specific form, and be more of a nationalist towards yourself.

+ Populism is not a day-in, day-out ^other option^ to DCS like my individualism-driven Identitarianism is.
It is instead, the work of opportunists who were once more firmly center-left/center-right ... taking advantage of DCS decay to win elections.
The one-time Europhile Viktor Orban is case in this.


+ Major league sports is the ~visible~ industrialized fruit: E.U.S. is stronger by Miami Heat + Manchester United than Cameron + Christie.

Sports is society.
Local athletic clubs raises awareness of communities ... communities that keep the E.U.S. vital.

+ And AJ Styles/Bullet Club making up for injuries at the Royal Rumble.
Wrestling = TV, entertainment, Serbs.
Sports = Radio, work, E.U.S.

+ Experience E.U.S. by finding a fandom that, rather fulfilling sheer personal gratification, *demonstrates industrial power*.
Those "Ameurocans" in that conceptional country may think differently.

Like they don't want to told what to do. Fine.

They seek the middle class: house, car, job benefits from work.
For personal use.
But if everyone lived as those in the United States, 4.1 Earths are needed. (GFN).

At least you're more accepting when E.U.S. diminishes--it's beyond your control--than when your own budget does.

+ () New Year’s Eve 2019, like 1999

1999 was the high point of the E.U.S:
“The millennium’s most conspicuous historical movement has been the rise of the West.”
–-The Life Millennium: The Most Important Events & People of the Past 1,000 Years

+ Carolina Hurricanes: Only sports team #MillenniumBorn, really. And millennium is not just the clock ticking to midnight, ring in Y2K.
Major league sports in #RDU had its predating Felix Sabates-led NHL expans. bid in 1996.

2001 playoffs--my 1st game.
So it’s 1996-2001: when dot coms did dandy. https://t.co/OsPcZWgPlX

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