Clarity and the Cause

Identitarianism is renowned for its divergent yet harmonious halves: self + others.   Yet we feel for those who stumble upon the first part and get confused. 

Below, the notes add --background-- to the Kosovo idea.   Just in case your eyes roll over “consumer goods are the Serbs” and “the stimuli that comes in contact with your senses”. 


Point one

The “Kosovo” war as an outlet for your stress ^is no different^ than acting out fantasies through intense movies, video games, and music.

Point two

It’s an adaptation.   Your Kosovo is an adaptation of 1999’s Kosovo, ^in that same way^ the Oscar-winning movie “West Side Story” updates Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”.  

Or switch the musical for the new “Gnumio and Juliet” animated flick. 


Point three

Why Kosovo and not other war-like, authoritarian places?  In Afghanistan and Iraq, entire Ameurocan counterinsurgency units have came and gone. 

Other “minority rule” areas never pursued the option of suppressing the guerrillas so hard.   Example being, the Israeli forces in the West Bank.    
> Also in "dominant minority" states, the minority is too large (the Sunnis in Saddam-era Iraq).  
It's harder to achieve that state of nihilism, if you empower oh-so-many things in life! 


Hope this holds up, so far.



Chris @Identitarianism Jun 17, 2018
...But meaning has its costs.  
As I wrote on "a self to believe in", have AN IDEA, A VISION for conflicting parts in your personality to be eventually be content with.

Such a live + let live outcome can apply to Serbs + Albanians, but also to DCS; say, Dreamers + MAGAers.


Links on the Kosovo war:

15 min news report of  the 1998 situation of police vs. guerrillas on the ground, none yet in the sky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjlbJDZaANQ&t=38s

The eyes have it: See the KLA ((0:55 to 1:10 of the video)) + NATO experience in the Kosovo War:

Example of a combat in Kosovo: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_on_Prekaz

Want more in-depth?  Here's the Kosovo region, it's history + it's people: washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/inatl/longterm/balkans/overview/kosovo.htm

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